Waitangi CL Rugby Boots - Black/White/Orange

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Mizuno Waitangi CL Rugby Boots - Black/White/Orange

FIT - Ergonomic design that provides warmth without restricting movement. High waist and back cut plus double layered cuffs at the ankle to prevent air infiltration. 

COMFORT - The twist gel core of the GITEvo Chamois provides consistent shock protection. Ergonomic cut on the knee. All the stitchings are flat-lock to protect from chafing.

PERFORMANCE - Made of Wildfire Thermofleece to ensure maximum protection from the cold. Reflective elements on the back of the calves for nighttime visibility.

DURABILITY - Carefully selected fabrics with excellent elastic memory. Designed to survive years of use and hundreds of washes. ISO-certified manufacturing techniques. 100% Italian-made.