Supertee Volc - Dan Carter

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The Dan Carter Supertee Xtra is the worlds #1 Kicking tee from one of the worlds best goal kickers. This Rugby Kicking tee has helped Dan Carter gain an average of 85% Success rate in goal kicking since using the Supertee. Designed by Daryl Halligan who first kicked a world record of 30 consecutive goals, the Supertee has a wide base design with a 4 point tee that can hold the Rugby ball at a variety of angles to find a perfect sweetspot for better kickign accuracy and power. This Volc tee is a high version with tapered teeth for zero friction when kicking
-Tapered teeth for zero friction
-Maximum exposure of the sweetspot
-Varied ways of standing the ball
-Wider base for better sit
-As used by Dan Carter